Start Water Service

To start or begin water service, please come to:

526 Cullman Road, Arab, AL 35016

We will need the following information:

If the service location has a meter in place, prior to the service being turned on, the customer must:

    • Complete an application for service
    • Pay a non-refundable service fee
    • Pay any outstanding balance due to Arab Water Works

A non-refundable service fee is required for each service connection.

The amount of the service fee will be determined according to the following schedule. 

Meters 1″ or less $60
Meters greater than 2″ $500
Restaurants/Car Washes/Trailer Parks/Hotels & Motels $150
Poultry Farms $300

If the service location does not already have a meter in place in addition to the above requirements, the customer must pay a tie-on fee. 

The amount of the tie-on fee will be determined according to the following schedule. 

3/4″ meter $750.00
1″ meter $1,000.00
1½” meter $3,300.00
2″ meter $4,000.00
Above 2″ meter Total cost of meter and material plus the current hourly rate for the backhoe service and labor.
3/4″ Stub Out $392.00
1″ Stub Out $597.05

The customer must furnish a backflow preventer on any meter larger than 1″.

Schedule of Miscellaneous Service Fees

Processing Fee $40.00
Service Fee $40.00
Returned Payment Fee $30.00
Unauthorized Use of Water/Tampering Fee $100.00
Meter Test Fee $20.00
Fire Protection Service Fee (6″ Connection) $200.00/yr
Fire Protection Service Fee (8″ Connection) $300.00/yr

Stop Water Service

In order to stop your water service, please call AWW at 256.586.3159

Update Contact Information

Please call AWW or fill out the form to the right to make any necessary changes to your information so that we can ensure that we have your current information, that is up to date, in our files.

Please make certain that we have a current phone number on file so that we can contact you in case of planned water outage or maintenance in your area.


AWW contact info 256.586.3159

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